Featured Authors

Razi Alakhdar - Marketing Manager

Razi is a marketing pro who helps companies succeed through effective marketing optimization, product validation, and lead gen.

Salsita Software

The latest advancements and insights in technology and its applications in various industries.

Matthew Gertner - Founder & CEO

Matt is a veteran British/American software engineer who has founded several technology companies.

Lancelot Purdue - Copywriter

Storyteller and photographer whose puns are always intended

Taras Mykolayevych - Product Manager

Griffin W. Trent - Product Manager

AKA Gustav - Project manager from Tennessee - Trying to speak Czech while retaining some level of English - Interested in what makes teams tick

Camille Felappi

Camille is a B2B digital marketing specialist, focusing on SEO and content creation. She helps businesses connect with their target audience using data-driven and creative strategies.

Jan Mikula - Director of Product

Jan lives for great digital products and believes in the close collaboration between devs and designers. He is a huge advocate of modern agile and lean methods and loves playing floorball.

Jiří Staniševský - Chief Technical Officer

Jiří finds joy in desinging interesting architecture. Although his love for coding has evolved into a platonic relationship, he seizes any opportunity for hands-on engagement as a precious rarity.

Robin Palička - UX designer & UI developer at Salsita

Robin Palicka: UX designer & UI developer, connecting user needs with cutting-edge tech for delightful experiences. Passionate about creative ideas & collaborative problem-solving.

Anthony Temperante - VP of Sales & Marketing

Tony constantly challenges himself and others, striving for a competitive edge. His competitiveness is fueled by his love for sports and his involvement in startups, where he angel invests and mentors

Dani Lopez - Full-Stack Tech Lead

Dani, Tech Lead for Salsita 3D Configurator, merges technical expertise with creativity. He sets high standards as a full stack developer, and after work, he finds enjoyment in role-playing games.

Tomáš Novella - Full-Stack Developer

Tomas is a software developer at Salsita, with over 5 years of professional programming experience, curious about every corner of computer science - from logic gates up to Javascript and iOS.

Tomas Brambora

Lukáš Král - Senior UX Designer

Lukáš specializes in user-friendly digital design, blending creativity and analysis for accessible and enjoyable experiences.

Pavel Zdeněk

Roman Kaspar - CTO of Salsita

Roman has 10 years of experience as an executive technical leader, including engineering management, architecting complex scalable systems and building world-class software development teams.

Markéta Sauerová - Full Stack Developer

Markéta Sauerová is a software developer at Salsita, specializing in web automation and development.

Přemysl Ciompa - Full Stack Developer

Proud new father, problem solver and tinkerer, who loves to learn new concepts, explore new emerging technologies with passion for solving business problems and nuanced technical design.

Petr Vacek - Full Stack Developer

Petr is a proud father of two. He's passionate about coding, dad jokes, music, motorbikes, and video games.

Roman Vaivod - Full-Stack Developer

Roman, Full Stack Developer by day, karaoke enthusiast by night. Rocking client projects for 3 years at Salsita, he's also a fan of belting out Bon Jovi hits.

Pavel John - Full-Stack Developer

Pavel is an expert software application developer. After leading a team of software developers, he switched back to a hands-on role and has been developing complex web applications in recent years.

Jean-Philippe Lebœuf - Product Designer

Jean-Philippe is a talented product thinker and experienced software engineer, focusing on complex product development, teamwork in remote and asynchronous environments, and company culture.

Filip Naumovič - UI Developer

Filip is a senior front-end developer who has worked with the entire range of web and media technologies including JavaScript, Flash, HTML/CSS, and video.

Mallory Guess - Technical Writer

Mallory is a gifted copywriter, known for delivering creative and impactful content across various platforms and industries.

Pavel Přibyl

Sometimes testing isn't good enough, sometimes people deserve more.

Lukas Kopenec - Senior Full-Stack Developer

Lukas is a full stack developer with over 10 years of experience. Being a software architect, he decided to switch back to a hands-on approach and started to concentrate on complex web applications.

David Kuboň - Full-Stack Developer

When David isn’t fueling his app development with unhealthy amounts of caffeine, he’s travelling, curling, or trying to prove that gingers do have souls.

Katerina Kelepouri - UX Designer

Katerina’s a fierce designer who strongly believes in the power of regular user testing. Her superpowers include client communication, problem solving, and creating smooth animations and prototypes.

Martin Gajdičiar - Full-Stack Developer

Martin's main field is React and React Native where he works with various technologies and frameworks ranging from mobile applications to enterprise systems. Off screen, he likes to read Nordic noir.

Pavel Moravec - UI Developer

A UI developer from the jQuery / PHP era, before his title even existed, Pavel somehow stayed in the field as it evolved into its present form. Maybe his love of the web has something to do with that.

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