Anthony Temperante - VP of Sales & Marketing

Tony constantly challenges himself and others, striving for a competitive edge. His competitiveness is fueled by his love for sports and his involvement in startups, where he angel invests and mentors

AI Overload: Unpacking DMEXCO 2023's Constant Tech Buzz Members Public

Discover key insights from DMEXCO 2023 on the transformative role of AI in digital marketing. Learn how AI is enhancing strategies, optimizing content, and fostering genuine interactions while reshaping commerce and creativity in the digital landscape!

Anthony Temperante - VP of Sales & Marketing

4 Ways AI and Machine Learning Transform Direct-To-Consumer Commerce Marketing Members Public

In this article, discover how AI and machine learning revolutionize DTC brand marketing, analyzing customer data, predicting behaviors, personalizing campaigns, and real success stories in AI-driven strategies.

Anthony Temperante - VP of Sales & Marketing
Artificial Intelligence

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