Tomáš Novella - Full-Stack Developer

Tomas is a software developer at Salsita, with over 5 years of professional programming experience, curious about every corner of computer science - from logic gates up to Javascript and iOS.

Not Your Everyday App Members Public

Many open source projects in Salsita were designed to tackle problems, solve issues, or to simply make the company run more smoothly. This is NOT one of those projects. Quite the opposite, in fact. This is a story about a side project we started and how it has continued to gain popularity.

Tomáš Novella - Full-Stack Developer
Code & Tools

Debunking a Buzzword: The Philosophy of Clean Code Members Public

Programming in a clear and comprehensive way is crucial for any software development firm. But the slightly overused term of clean code suffers from a serious vulnerability — the human being behind the screen.

Tomáš Novella - Full-Stack Developer
JavaScript Engineering

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