Project Management

Articles on how we utilize our PMs, project management best practices, and how it relates to client communication.

AI Tools at Salsita Members Public

This article provides insights into Salsita's utilization and future plans for AI tools. Learn how we harness these tools in our operations, the reasons driving their adoption, and our strategies for addressing associated concerns.

Jiří Staniševský - Chief Technical Officer
Code & Tools

The Way of the Dragon Members Public

Lack of context rears its ugly head time and time again, especially when working in an agency on contract-based work. People often think of “context” in a literary and verbal sense, but it extends to almost every scenario of every day and here’s the secret: there’s a gross lack of it in many cases.

Griffin W. Trent - Product Manager
Product Management

This is Why Your Team Needs a PM Members Public

When it comes to development, we have a tried-and-true formula that we like to follow. However, as Salsita evolves, so must our company roles. One role that we recently reimagined to better suit the needs of our business and clients, is that of the project manager.

Lancelot Purdue - Copywriter
Company Culture

Salsita’s Product Discovery & Delivery Best Practices - Video Presentation by Jan Mikula Members Public

For the past couple of years, we’ve gradually been extending our services from pure software development to a more holistic approach to building digital products. From early product discovery to production launch and helping the product grow and sell, these changes have led to significant growth...

Salsita Software
Salsita Software
Brown Bag Video

Demand-Side Sales 101 - The Best Book about Jobs to be Done Members Public

Last year we started experimenting with the Shape Up methodology. A big part of this approach is about product people properly defining or "shaping" the work before the development team starts working on it. So, how do you properly shape the work?

Jan Mikula - Director of Product
Product Management

I Was into Fixed-Price Projects Before They Were Cool Members Public

I swear I’m not a hipster (sips coffee that has passed through a cat), but I was into fixed-price projects before they were cool. Here are four things I’ve learned to stay ahead of the curve and make fixed-price projects successful.

Griffin W. Trent - Product Manager
Project Management

How to Unlock Your App Idea and Forecast Your Profit and Loss (Part 2) Members Public

In my previous article (Part 1), I focused on testing and refining a rough app idea, and I had promised that I would show you how to move forward once you have validated the initial product/market fit.

Razi Alakhdar - Marketing Manager

WEBINAR: Speed Up Your Product Development with Shape Up Members Public

Smart software agencies are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. One way to achieve this is by having a sound UX team who knows how to speed up product development without sacrificing quality and design.

Salsita Software
Salsita Software
Product Management

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