Why Do Service Workers Break the Refresh Button? - Video Presentation by Lukáš Kopenec

Have you ever been inspired by an article that you immediately make a presentation about it to share with your colleagues?

Lancelot Purdue - Copywriter

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Have you ever read an article on the web and been inspired to make a presentation about it for your colleagues? That was the case for Full-Stack Developer Lukáš Kopenec, who read an article about Service Workers and decided to share his own experiences.

In the following video Lukáš describes how a simple service worker can break the browser refresh button. He explains the reasons for this behavior in detail and proposes several possible solutions and the trade-offs they entail. During his presentation, he touches on and explains different service worker APIs and some of the intricacies of progressive web applications.

Lukáš Kopenec is a Full-Stack Developer with over 10 years of experience. Being a software architect, he made the switch back to a more hands-on approach and started to concentrate on complex web applications.

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