They asked me to talk about Agile, so I made up a story. — Video Presentation by Roman Vaivod

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Successfully delivering products to clients is always the main objective, but there are a lot of steps in product development that, if not approached effectively, can hinder a successful delivery. Agile is a management system centered around delivering products faster and with fewer hiccups. This approach divides work into smaller sections and allows developers to tackle each task holistically and in the proper order.

In this Brown Bag presentation, Salsita Full Stack Developer, Roman Vaivod, uses fun hand-drawn cartoons of himself and his colleagues to take us through his personal journey with Agile. Roman describes in depth how he and his team incorporate Agile into their workflow and how other teams can do the same to increase productivity and optimize product development.

Roman Vaivod is a Full-Stack Developer from Russia and has lived in the Czech Republic since 2015. His passion to put things in order always makes him look for better ways to organize code. In his free time, he loves to be outside with his two dachshunds and acoustic guitar.

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