The Special Sauce: Lancelot Purdue, Salsita Copywriter

Salsita is comprised of 80+ people and hundreds of stories that brought us together. One of the most uncommon is that of our copywriter Lancelot Purdue. Normally he’s the one writing the story, but I wanted to shine the spotlight on him and share a bit of his unique journey that brought him here.

Griffin W. Trent - Product Manager

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Salsita is comprised of 80+ people and hundreds of stories that brought us together to build great products. For some, it’s a place where we’ll stick around and grow with the company. For others it may just be a milestone in their professional journey. Whatever the case is, we share common goals but with some uncommon origins.  

Now I present to you one of the most uncommon origins, that of our resident rock and roller, guitar-pickin’, road-dog copywriter Lancelot Purdue.

As our copywriter, Lancelot collaborates with every department at Salsita. He makes sure that our copy is colorful and on point, our photos tell stories, and that our clients trust us to deliver effective content.

The difference between this article and the others in the series is that normally it’s Lancelot behind the typewriter, but this time I wanted to shine the spotlight on him and share a bit of his story.

— Griffin Trent

1. You’ve mentioned that you used to work for the Johnny Winter Band. What’s life like on the road?

It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced. Music, travelling, and adventure is a big part of who I am, so getting paid to do those things was absolute nirvana. Getting that job was about five years in the making. It took a bit of luck and a lot of persistence, but when everything finally fell into place, I did not hesitate.

It was a four-year non-stop roller coaster ride. Most people don’t realize what a band goes through during their day, apart from performing. There’s a whole other world that exists behind the scenes, and that’s where the magic truly happens. If a band is late, the audience might not consider that the bus may have broken down in the middle of nowhere. Or when you want to relax after a gig, but some insistent fans try anything to see the band—like involving you in a high-speed chase through Tokyo.

It’s an usual lifestyle though. I’m glad I experienced it when I was young—and single. When you’re knee deep in it, sometimes you wish to be anywhere else. Then after you’ve been home for a few weeks, you can’t wait to get back on tour. Music and the road. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Johnny Winter Band, Zepp Music Hall, Tokyo, Japan

2. What brought you to the Czech Republic and how long have you been here?

While I was touring Europe, I worked a gig at the Lucerna Music Bar in Prague, CZ. I was pushing merch that night and ended up selling a t-shirt to my future wife.

We did the long-distance thing for a couple of years before I decided to try living in the Czech Republic. It’s been almost eight years and I’m still trying to figure out how to live here.

3. How would you describe yourself in 4 words?


4. Dolphin or Tiger?

Dolphin. They’re easy going and always seem to be having fun—which is something I need to remind myself to do more often these days.

5. If you could choose any other role to play in the company, what would it be?

I’d choose to be a graphic designer. I like the creativity and freedom that comes with that position. I’ve never been much of a graphic artist, so being able to create something visually stunning appeals to me.

A small collection of some of Lancelot's travels

6. How has being a musician helped you in your current role?

As a (copy)writer, it’s definitely been helpful. There’s an entire rhythm to the writing process called pacing. There should be a certain feel when people read what you’ve written. Sentences shouldn’t just be short and punchy or long and drawn out, though the latter didn’t hurt Bohumil Hrabal. It’s ideal to have a combination of the two. Something that pushes and pulls and won’t bore you to tears.

7. What is different about Salsita versus other places you have worked in the past?

I’ve worked at a lot of places over the years, but this is only my second office job, so I’ll compare it to that one:

The salary, benefits, and transparency are unmatched. What I appreciate the most is the trust from my manager and our CEO to get my work done. Salsita gives freedom to their employees to be themselves, which is something I never experienced at my other office job. It’s refreshing to see my colleagues' personalities shine through their work.

From a globe-trotting rock band to content creator, editor, and copywriter for a digital agency, Lancelot has “a lot” more to share. If you want to read more of his stories from the road, fly over to his blog.

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Griffin W. Trent - Product Manager

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