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Let me tell you something that most people don’t know about Salsita. We used to primarily build browser plugins, 10 years ago. So how have we become a company that builds successful web and mobile apps with thousands of happy users?

Griffin W. Trent - Product Manager

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Let me tell you something that most people don’t know about Salsita. We used to primarily build browser plugins, 10 years ago. So how have we become a company that builds successful web and mobile apps with thousands of happy users?

The truth is that growing and evolving sucks. Change is extremely difficult to achieve. There is a reason that growing pains are called growing pains and we know them well at Salsita. That’s the price you pay for success.

This is not an article about what’s new at Salsita. This is an article about a critical factor in our success over the past few years: our long-term partners. I’ll let you in on another little secret about Salsita: we’re not code monkeys that chase short-term projects and easy gains. We are a strategic partner for quite a few companies, and we help them shape products that are emerging in competitive industries and taking the power back from the players that have monopolized the playing field.

Here are some of the companies that we’ve helped achieve success:

Purple (4 years)

The story: Salsita took a revolutionary idea and transformed it into a functioning 360° immersive experience that’s used in 20+ locations around the world. Throughout our four-year partnership, we’ve worked together with Samsung, Shell, SAP, Microsoft, and UnderArmour as well as kicked off three projects to expand the functionality of the immersive experience. This summer we’re launching a new ultra-modern suite of products for a large corporate partner in the medical, logistics, and aerospace industry.

Client Quote:Salsita has excelled in all areas and become the go-to software development agency for our most challenging projects.” - Emile Van Den Ende, Technical Director/Partner

The 360° immersive room experience

ADCO (2 years)

The story: The cooperation between ADCO and Salsita started as a web app development project. As Salsita's product team saw opportunities to improve the product design, we began proposing incremental upgrades to the product and user flows. Eventually we began to provide marketing support as well and helped increase traffic to the site by 10x in one year. We’re now in close contact with our partners at ADCO and constantly working to improve the product and increase conversions.

Client Quote:The quality of what Salsita can do is very, very impressive.” - Archie Damman, CEO

Ordamo (5 years)

The story: Ordamo is one of Salsita’s oldest partners. We have worked on a number of initiatives with Ordamo as they have grown and evolved to provide the end user with the best possible experience. Salsita built the digital-menu product from the ground up, created a customer kiosk application, built our own mobile device management solution, and most recently designed and implemented a contactless ordering system in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Ordamo has benefited from Salsita's growth into a product-focused agency by seeing the process, design, and preparation work result in an ever better user experience for their end users.

Client Quote: "I greatly appreciate that rather than passively waiting for instructions, they are constantly on the lookout for potential issues as well as intelligent proposals on how to address them. They are speedy and efficient, agile and responsive delivering a high quality output." - Daniel Potter, CEO

Ordamo's contactless order-and-pay platform

Staffbase (3 years)

The story: This partnership started as a classic team augmentation project when Staffbase needed some extra manpower to reach their deadlines and product goals. Salsita started by putting two of our best engineers on the project and ended up with two teams of Full Stack Engineers, UI Specialists, and QA Engineers working seamlessly with the Staffbase product teams to add critical features to the Staffbase suite of applications. At the height of the partnership, Salsita had 15 specialists working with Staffbase teams to design and build new functionality and drive product growth.

Client Quote:We were able to achieve parts of our goals with developing the product further. This is a key demand of our customers, so Salsita contributed to the success Staffbase currently has on the market.” - Mirko Swillus, Engineering Manager

So the secret’s out, Salsita is far from a body shop. We have been moonlighting as key partners for a number of companies for many years. As we focus on constantly improving our processes and maturing in the way we manage the product life cycle, we are looking for more strategic partnerships that will present opportunities for us to support the growth of companies at every stage of development.

Contact us to see why our partners trust us to help shape their products and drive growth.

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