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Gone are the days when simply password-protecting accounts and files was enough to keep digital data safe. Cybersecurity is the general term for the process and techniques involved in protecting computer systems, data, and applications from cyberattacks. You’ve likely heard this term before, but have you ever wondered exactly how cryptography protects your data from third parties? Or perhaps you are curious about how digital signatures are calculated and verified. Salsita CTO Jiří Staniševský has all the answers to these questions and more.

Our latest Brown Bag video gives you a quick, layman’s introduction to cybersecurity. Jiří breaks it all down and explains encryption, digital signatures, and platform support in a way that is easy for beginners to comprehend. Some of his talking points include the difference between symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, the concept behind end-to-end encryption, and several tricks about server-side data protection.

Jiří Staniševský is Salsita’s CTO who enjoys designing complex software systems and overseeing the architecture on different projects, in addition to his more tedious management duties. Out of the office he enjoys spending time with his two daughters and re-watching classic episodes of The Simpsons.

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