Introducing the Salsita Club: A Perfect Space for Work and Play

The Salsita Club, Salsita Software’s recently renovated, multi-purpose space, opened its doors for its grand opening last Wednesday, October 16.

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The Salsita Club, Salsita Software’s recently renovated, multi-purpose space, opened its doors for its grand opening last Wednesday, October 16. To enjoy a proper celebration, Salsita CEO Matthew Gertner invited friends, business partners, and clients for an evening of jazz, cocktails, and Mexican cuisine. The club is tucked away on the -2 floor of the Salsita offices at Štefánikova 25 in Prague 5.

Petshare Brand Manager Yasemin Podany, Silencio Co-Founder Matuš Mišák, and others enjoying the club opening. 

What started out as a mission for more space to accommodate Salsita's continued growth resulted in a stunning recreational and meeting space in the building’s basement. “We've long since occupied our entire floor of around 1,000 m², including a large rec room. When we started running out of space again, the landlord suggested that we rent the club in the basement and move our rec room there so we can add more desks upstairs,” said Gertner. “We visited the club and it was love at first sight.”

Over the next four months the club underwent renovation to suit the needs of Salsita employees, clients, and friends. The club was designed by architect Michal Nováček, who explained, "My idea was to create a playful space that makes you happy, a mixture of a New York City underground bar and a set from the series Friends." The bare walls were brightly colored with geometric shapes and abstract chili peppers by well-known Czech artist Pavel Fuksa.

One of several cozy areas designed by Michal Novacek. 

The wall-to-wall brick interior is evocative of a Moravian wine cellar, but on a much grander scale. A warm, comfortable atmosphere decorated with sofas, chairs, sculptures, art, and soft lighting greet you as you step through brick archways into the main room, which is bookended by a stage and bar area.

As guests made their way down to the club, they were offered a sweet and spicy welcome drink called the Salsita Cocktail.

David Smolný adding the spicy "cherry" on top of the Salsita Cocktail. 

An hour after opening, the club was in full swing. The bartenders were busily making and serving drinks while jazz and pop combo, Urban Trio, were swinging their way through their set. The main room provides plenty of space to spread out, but most of the guests gravitated to the bar area for food and drink refills. Alebrijes Cocina Mexicana provided the catering and their well-seasoned nachos and burritos nicely complemented the spicy atmosphere of chili peppers, red decor, and Salsita cocktails.

A mix of lively conversation, jazz, and foosball continued to fill the high-ceilinged brick room as the night went on. Like all good parties, this one continued beyond the planned finishing time and the guests left suitably impressed. Cedric Maloux, CEO of leading Czech accelerator StartUpYard, commented, "The space itself is incredible and Salsita did a great job with the decor. This is a perfect space for events."

Matthew Gertner, Salsita CEO, congratulates Ivana Blumentrittova, Fuksaworks Managing Partner, and Czech artist Pavel Fuksa on their victory.

The Club had passed its first big test and more events are already being planned, including the official afterparty for web development conference ReactiveConf in Prague this November. The Salsita Club isn’t just for company parties though. It’s also the space for Salsita’s weekly development meetings, language and music lessons, foosballing, or just a quiet place to relax and get some work done.

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