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We’ve all heard the age-old adage, “the best programmers are lazy programmers.” But what exactly does that mean? How could lazy employees possibly be a positive thing?

Well, we’re not talking about programmers who avoid responsibility and take three times as long as their colleagues to complete a task. In this case, a lazy programmer is described as “someone who puts in minimal effort to achieve maximum results.” In his presentation, Salsita’s Director of Engineering, Craig Bishell, delves into the concept of lazy programmers and explains how they operate and how you can become one too. Some key characteristics discussed in his video include:

  • Understanding guidelines, but thinking outside of the box
  • Strategic data reuse
  • Use of tooling and automation
  • Writing effective documentation
  • Consulting widely when necessary
  • Remaining open to new ideas
  • Confident decision-making skills

Watch the video below for more insight into these “lazy programmer” strategies and learn how to effectively implement them into your workflow.

Craig is a software developer, architect, and technical leader with over 20 years of experience in commercial software development. During that time, he has led a number of development teams to success across a variety of projects and industries; including entertainment, sports, finance, health, telecoms, utilities, and government. Away from the office, Craig enjoys all forms of tabletop games; and is learning how to fall down mountainsides (more) safely - i.e. skiing.

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