Adblock Plus Built an iOS Browser with Kitt... And so Can You!

Today Adblock Plus, the world's leading ad block vendor, is launching the first true ad-blocking browser...

Matthew Gertner - Founder & CEO

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Today Adblock Plus, the world's leading ad block vendor, is launching the first true ad-blocking browser for iPhone. We are proud that their browser is based on Kitt, an amazingly extensible iPhone browser that we have been developing for the past three years.

Last year we announced our Kitt web browser for iPhone. Alone among iPhone web browsers, Kitt supports the same browser extension framework as Google Chrome, a much more powerful framework than the one supported natively by Safari on iOS. Use of the Chrome APIs means that Kitt extensions use standard web technologies and are portable across a range of browsers including not just Chrome but also Opera and even Firefox.

Browser extensibility, however, is a feature that appeals primarily to geeks and other power users. We quickly realized that the road to mass-market adoption is to take advantage of Kitt's unparalleled customizability to create turn-key whitelabel browsers with compelling user-facing capabilities.

We are delighted to announce today that the first such browser is hitting the market today. Adblock Browser for iOS is a product of our cooperation with Eyeo, the vendor behind the world's most popular ad blocker: Adblock Plus. We have been working for several months with Eyeo to create a fully-fledged adblocking browser, based on Kitt, that goes far beyond the capabilities of Safari's new content blocking extensions.

The fact that Adblock Plus already exists for Chrome, combined with Kitt's support for Chrome extensions, made the creation of Adblock Browser for iOS far easier. In fact, the adblocking extension at its heart is exactly the same one that is used on desktop Chrome.

We're excited about the potential for building web browsers on top of Kitt with a highly customized user experience in a multitude of verticals: banking, e-commerce, security, enterprise, industry and much more. Contact us to find out more about whitelabeling possibilities.

If you're an extension developer, check out our developer documentation and development server. And feel free to give us a shout if you want to discuss your project.

If you're a power user, we encourage you to try out Kitt as your everyday browser. You might quickly find that there are one or two extensions you can't live without.

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Matthew Gertner - Founder & CEO

Matt is a veteran British/American software engineer who has founded several technology companies.

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