Product Configurator and Analytics: The Perfect Pair for Success

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Giving customers the option to customize products is only scratching the surface of what can be achieved with a product configurator.

Companies can transform their products and content with the rich insights gathered by analytics on the configurator. They can also make informed decisions on the most appealing product combinations based on customer data. Product analytics also reveals top sellers and helps uncover customer preferences.

The data collected also translates to tangible benefits. For instance, businesses can save on advertising expenses by using analytics to identify users most likely to make a purchase.

But before we delve into the data that can be gleaned from analytics, let's examine the value that a 3D configurator brings to eCommerce businesses.

What is a Product Configurator?

In today's market, customers often have a more positive purchasing experience when they have the opportunity to customize products to meet their specific needs. This is where a product configurator comes into play. It allows buyers to easily customize their desired products without needing any technical expertise, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Product features such as color, shape, material, size, and more can be tailored to the customer's satisfaction. This is the essence of personalization, and customers are drawn to companies that make them feel heard and that value their input.

In short, a product configurator is a tool that enables customers to personalize various aspects and components of a product to their liking.

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What is Product Configurator Analytics?

A product configurator offers numerous benefits to businesses and customers in terms of product customization, customer satisfaction, and customer insights. But how can we truly harness the power of a product configurator?

By leveraging product configurator analytics, companies can gain valuable insights into customer behavior and shopping journeys through the configurator. The data obtained from product configurator analytics can be used to enhance personalization for customers and enable businesses to make informed decisions.

Product configurator analytics gives companies a competitive advantage by allowing them to gather data on customer interactions with the configurator. This data can help optimize those interactions and drive more sales opportunities.

Why Product Analytics Matter for eCommerce Businesses

Businesses that want to boost their eCommerce ROI and build customer loyalty should leverage product analytics to gain valuable insights into their customers' online shopping journeys. By collecting relevant data as customers use the configurator, e-commerce businesses can improve the shopping experience and make informed decisions that drive growth.

Product analytics can provide a wealth of information about customer preferences and behavior, allowing e-commerce companies to tailor their marketing and product offerings to better meet the needs and desires of their target audience. In short, product analytics can be a powerful tool for e-commerce companies looking to stay ahead of the competition and drive more sales.

Uncover the Inner Thoughts of Your Customers

It's impressive to offer your clients the ability to customize and purchase the products they desire, but what's even more impressive is the opportunity to understand why customers make certain purchasing decisions and which products they leave behind. By collecting this data, you can uncover the reasons behind abandoned transactions and identify areas for improvement.

Knowing what your customers are doing on your website while using the configurator is crucial. This information can help you understand the number of missed sales opportunities, identify any problems that need to be addressed, and streamline the shopping journey for your customers.

A Configurator That Offers Unprecedented Visibility into Customer Behavior

Salsita 3D Configurator is a powerful tool designed to gather critical data about your customers' shopping experiences, enabling you to enhance the user experience and achieve your business objectives.

By tracking the customer's journey through the product configurator, including the elements they use, the number of people who add products to their cart, and the usage of sharing links, you can obtain valuable insights that can optimize sales pipelines and provide a deeper understanding of their effectiveness. With this data, you can tailor the customer experience and create an enjoyable and satisfying shopping journey.

Analyzing the Customer Journey to Identify Opportunities and Address Issues

Our UX designers are constantly searching for areas of improvement in our configurator, determined to deliver the best product possible. To do so, we carefully examine each step of the customer journey, analyzing user behavior and progress through the process. By identifying where visitors may experience difficulties or abandon their journey, we can quickly identify and resolve any issues.

For businesses, analyzing the "customer journey" provides invaluable information about the types of users who are most likely to complete a purchase or add a product to their cart. This data can help you effectively target your advertising campaigns to the right audience.

Additionally, by filtering out users who configure products but do not complete a purchase, you can use this data to create targeted remarketing campaigns and ads with calls to action, encouraging them to finalize the sale.

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Learn How Customers Use the Configurator

Understanding how customers use the configurator helps inform product planning and development. By focusing on the features that customers use most often, we can prioritize development efforts and deliver a more impactful product.

For example, analyzing usage of the "share product" feature, where customers can copy and paste configured products to share with others, can indicate which products users are most interested in and likely to purchase.

Convert Configurations into Sales

While it is valuable to enable customers to create products that meet their needs and preferences using the configurator, this does not guarantee a sale. By identifying products that users frequently configure but do not purchase, we can analyze the reasons for this behavior and implement improvements such as revising the product design or pricing in order to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

If you have a way of contacting customers, such as through email, you can reach out to those who return to the configurator multiple times but do not complete the transaction. Your sales representative can contact them to clarify their needs, or you can provide them with a call-to-action to contact your sales team. These users may have high potential value for your sales pipeline.

Reduce Abandonment Rates

Abandonment rates are high across industries, with average abandonment at around 70% on desktop and even higher, at 85%, on mobile. The smaller screen size on mobile devices can make it more difficult for customers to make decisions, as they may need to be sure that the product they are considering is the one they want. There are many reasons why customers may not complete transactions, ranging from being in the decision-making process to experiencing a lost connection or distraction.

By tracking abandoned transactions and understanding why customers do not complete them, you can work to close deals with these customers through targeted advertising or offers to assist with the buying process.

The Bottom Line

A configurator is a valuable investment for any business that sells customizable products. By leveraging its data and insights, you can improve your product listings and increase sales. Salsita 3D Configurator offers advanced analytics and features to help you get the most out of your investment. With its help, you can boost closed sales, improve retention, and achieve a higher return on investment.

If you don't have a configurator yet, you're missing out on valuable data and insights that can inform your product development and marketing efforts. A high-quality configurator can help you gather important information about your customers' preferences and behaviors.

Get Started with Salsita 3D Configurator: Meet the Team
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