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5 Hot Topics Not to Miss at Shoptalk: Europe’s Digital Transformation Hub For Retail

Shoptalk Europe will take place in Barcelona from June 3rd to 5th. It's Europe’s largest retail event, hosting over 4,000 industry players. Salsita will be exhibiting, and we've curated 5 essential retail industry topics you won’t want to overlook at the show.

Camille Felappi
Camille Felappi

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Consumers today, armed with technology and high expectations, are often ahead of what retailers and brands can offer. But this gap also presents a huge opportunity for innovation. Shoptalk Europe aims to help retailers by providing them with the tools, skills, and connections they need to stay competitive.

If you attend Shoptalk in Barcelona, you'll have the chance to gain insights from 175+ speakers and connect with 4k+ attendees. To ensure you make the most of the event and come away with actionable strategies for boosting your brand’s digital presence, we've curated 5 key topics you should pay close attention to during the conference.

1 -Engaging Digital Shopping Technologies

Ecommerce revenue in Europe is set to reach $700 billion in 2024. While convenience drives online shopping, retailers and brands are striving to create more captivating experiences to attract and retain consumers, encouraging them to spend more. This involves implementing innovative technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, shoppable videos, and generative AI to help customers find the perfect products.

At Shoptalk, you'll find practical solutions to upgrade your digital offerings. Explore strategies like conversational configurators for hyper customizable products and augmented reality for immersive shopping experiences. This offers tangible ways to engage customers and boost sales.

2 - Pioneering Generative AI Applications

Generative AI is seen by many as a game-changer, potentially as transformative as the microchip or the internet. Projections suggest it could boost global GDP by around $7 trillion in the next decade. While 2023 was marked by experimentation, 2024 is anticipated to be the year when companies begin reaping rewards from their investments in this technology.

At Shoptalk Europe, you'll meet companies utilizing generative AI in various ways. Through case study presentations, they'll offer insights into their experiences and initial findings, giving clear examples of how this technology is reshaping their operations and strategies.

3 - Social Commerce, Influencers, and Creators

Almost half of the world's population - roughly 5 billion people - are active on social media, often using up to 7 platforms each month. The creator economy, valued at $250 billion in 2023, is projected to double by 2027, offering a huge opportunity for brands and retailers to connect with customers through content led by creators.

At Shoptalk Europe, retailers and brand leaders will share insights on how they've grown digital audiences and attracted new business through social commerce, both by selling directly and through partnerships with creators.

4 - Leveraging AI to Scale Personalization

Shopper want personalization, with a majority now expecting companies to tailor offers and experiences to their needs. In fact, 71% of customers want personalized interactions. AI-based models, equipped to analyze data patterns and test various combinations of messaging, pricing, and presentation, can meet and surpass these expectations on a large scale.

At Shoptalk Europe, you'll have the opportunity to engage with companies offering AI-powered personalization tools. These tools are designed to enhance your sales, build loyalty, and elevate customer satisfaction by tailoring experiences to individual preferences and behaviors.

5 - Delivering Consistent Cross-Channel Experiences

In today's world, customers interact with brands through potentially dozens of touchpoints across both the digital and physical world. With this multitude of touchpoints, it's crucial for brands to ensure a smooth and unified experience for consumers across all channels.

At Shoptalk Europe, you'll discover how industry leaders use technology and human expertise to create consistent, exceptional customer experiences. These strategies not only delight shoppers but also drive purchases and foster loyalty.

Meet Salsita At Shoptalk Europe

Attending Shoptalk Europe? Find us at Booth Q45! If you're interested in exploring innovative digital shopping technology for your customizable products that scales personalization using AI, we would love to connect.

Salsita unleashes customers’ creativity with conversational configurators, combining advanced 3D configurators with conversational UI to create a compelling user experience. Users are guided by an AI design assistant with extensive knowledge of the product, company, and configurator. The AI actively asks questions, offers recommendations, and provides invaluable help. And with the continued rise of mobile shopping, users can even opt for the voice-activated feature to talk to the AI instead of typing.

Learn more and connect with us at the show:

Meet Salsita at Shoptalk Europe
Heading to Shoptalk? Meet Salsita and discover how to empower your customers to find their dream products, conversationally. Learn more!

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